Frequently Asked Questions



What happens when students exhibit COVID-19 symptoms at school?
All health office staff and administrators have been trained in COVID-19 symptomatic triage to determine if symptoms are typical, such as those associated with allergies and other identified conditions. If symptoms are new and unexplained, the student will be isolated and the parent will be contacted to help identify possible exposure and the onset of symptoms. If students are sent home with COVID-19-like symptoms, they will need to stay home for ten days unless parents are able to obtain a negative COVID test result, or an alternate diagnosis from a medical professional.

How should families report to the school that a person in the household has tested positive?
Students and staff must inform the principal, school health office assistant, or attendance clerk if they have symptoms, have tested positive, or have had direct contact (within 6 feet for more than 15 cumulative minutes in a 24 hour period) with someone who has tested positive. For the safety of our students and staff, we strongly encourage families to call the school to report if any family member who lives in the home has tested positive for COVID. If anyone in the household tests positive, then all members of the household (including the student and any siblings) will need to quarantine for a minimum of 10 days, even if they do not show any symptoms.

How is direct contact defined?
According to the CDC, “exposure” occurs when someone has been in direct contact with an infected individual. Direct contact is defined as being within 6 feet for 15 cumulative minutes in a 24 hour period, with or without a mask.

Will I be notified if there is a positive COVID-19 case at my child’s school?

Parents/guardians will be notified if their child has had direct or indirect exposure. Principals will send school-wide notifications and classroom notifications.  If there is a case in a classroom, the parents in that classroom will be notified. The FWSD also reports all known cases of students and staff to the Pima County Health Department.
What will be the criteria for requiring classrooms or entire schools to close?
In all situations, we will consult with the PCHD, yet the following actions are likely: If one case of COVID-19 is confirmed in a classroom, we will conduct contact tracing and require a 10 day quarantine for any individuals who were in close contact (defined above) with the sick individual. One case of COVID-19 would not likely result in the quarantine of an entire classroom. If multiple cases that cannot be linked to activities outside of school are discovered in one classroom, it is likely that the entire class would need to quarantine at home for 10 days. Multiple cases of COVID-19 in one classroom would not likely result in a school closure. If multiple classrooms are directed to quarantine due to the discovery of cases within each of those classrooms, a school closure may be considered after consultation with the Pima County Health Department.

How will student learning be handled during a quarantine period?
Temporary quarantines may be necessary for a classroom or school. During quarantine periods, students will continue learning remotely using Google Classroom and Zoom.