Volunteer and Student Recognition

Laguna Elementary Outstanding Volunteer of the Year - Joyce Lockhart

Joyce LockhartJoyce Lockhart

Ms. Joyce is a Longhorn through and through. She works with the first grade teachers to help students with projects and she helps individual students who are struggling with their classroom work. Children love the opportunity to work with Ms. Joyce. Ms. Joyce is on the Laguna campus four days each week helping students become readers, mathematicians, scientists, and problem solvers.

If you need something cut, glittered, or glued Ms. Joyce is the woman for the job. She helps create every project for the annual craft fair, she puts things together for the Fall Festival, and decorates the campus, she does this all with a smile!

Ms. Joyce often goes into stores and requests donations for items that can be used for special events. She also secures donations of unsold Christmas items from various stores to sell at the Laguna holiday shop the following year.

Ms. Joyce is a very special lady. It is individuals like her who really help teachers do the best job they can in the classroom. The Laguna Longhorn staff and students are proud to name Ms. Joyce Lockhart the outstanding volunteer of the year!

Congratulations, Ms. Joyce!