Faculty and Staff Recognition

Outstanding Employee of the Month - Tina Hillman

Tina Hillman

Tina takes pride in being a Longhorn. Tina attended Laguna Elementary as a student and returned to work in the severe and profound special education classroom at Laguna 11 years ago. Tina is an Integral part of the overall school community. She knows many of the families from the neighborhood and you can often see kids stop by room 7 to say hi to Ms. Tina and give her a hug.

When Tina sees something that needs to be taken care of she does it. Tina is a hard worker. She actually has three jobs. Before coming to school every day, she helps and elderly woman at her home, she works as an instructional assistant at Laguna, and in the evening Tina helps a former Laguna student with respite services.

Tina Hillman is a special person. We fully appreciate Tina, the work she does, and her kindheartedness.

Laguna Elementary School staff is proud to celebrate Tina as the October outstanding employee of the month.

Congratulations, Tina Hillman!