Alumni Hall of Fame

 Ellen Kirkbride, Class of 1980   Ellen (Cochran) Kirkbride, class of 1980
Hall of Fame Year: 2017

A 1980 graduate of FWHS, Mrs. Ellen (Cochran) Kirkbride returned to the Flowing Wells district in 1990 as an elementary band and music at Centennial, while also working as the associate band director at FWHS. Mrs. Kirkbride was the 1996 Centennial Elementary Teacher of the Year. After a brief time away, Ellen returned to Flowing Wells as the director of the FWHS band and Fine Arts chair. As a member of several music education organizations she has served in many leadership roles as president, chairperson, and secretary; as well as promoting music education in various ways
John Hohn, Class of 1999
John Hohn,
class of 1999
Hall of Fame Year: 2017

After moving to Tucson while still in elementary school, Mr. John Hohn attended Flowing Wells schools. A restaurant dishwashing job as a teenager lead to an interest in cooking. After completing the FW Culinary Arts Program and graduating from FWHS in 1999, John went on to cook at several high-end restaurants and to win many cooking awards, including Iron Chef Tucson in 2014. He then became the Executive Chef job for the non-profit GAP Ministries, feeding thousands of at-risk children. He also developed a culinary arts training program for disadvantaged adults. John and his wife continue to give back to the community through several local and national organizations.
SyMone Nicole Hinderaker, class of 1986
  SyMone Nicole (Tanner) Hinderaker, class of 1986
Hall of Fame Year: 2017

After graduating from FWHS in 1986, Mrs. Nicole (Tannar) Hinderaker attended the University of Arizona and the UA Law School on full scholarships. She then worked as Asst. Attorney General for the State of Arizona representing CPS. As an advocate for children, she opened her own law firm focused on juvenile and family law. Mrs. Hinderaker volunteers for several organizations and is involved in school and sports activities with her family.
 Dean Christoffel, Class of 1966   Dean Christoffel, class of 1966
Hall of Fame Year: 2016

Mr. Dean Christoffel, a 1966 FWHS graduate, serves as a commissioner on the Arizona Superior Court. After supporting himself through high school, college, and law school, Mr. Christoffel graduated with distinction. He has served in many legal capacities, including as a volunteer for the Volunteer Lawyer Service. Mr. Christoffel also has served on the board of several local charities.
 Gavin Gray, class of 2001  
Gavin Gray
, class of 2001
Hall of Fame Year: 2015

A 2001 graduate of FWHS, Mr. Gavin Gray is a marathon runner and has raised over $20,000 for charity through this activity. Mr. Gray graduated summa cum laude with a Computer Systems Engineering degree from Boston University and owns his own business.

 Erin Fritzler, class of 2002  
Erin (Trejo) Fritzler
, class of 2002
Hall of Fame Year: 2015

Mrs. Erin (Trejo) Fritzler was an active member of FW JROTC during her years at FWHS, where she graduated in 2002. She went on to graduate from United States Military Academy at West Point. Mrs. Fritzler was a leader in many areas during her military career, runs marathons, and competed at the national and world levels in karate.

 Steve Torres, class of 1978  
Steve Torres
, class of 1978
Hall of Fame Year: 2014

Mr. Steve Torres is a 1978 graduate of FWHS. He graduated from the University of Arizona and received an MBA from Northern Arizona University. Mr. Torres has worked with Amistades Prevention Coalition since its inception and works closely with at-risk youth and families. He is an active volunteer in the community, including mentoring youth in foster care.

 Shimon Prohow, class of 1998   Shimon Prohow, class of 1998
Hall of Fame Year: 2014

After graduation from FWHS in 1998, Mr. Shimon Prohow graduated from Reed College with a degree in French history. Mr. Reed served as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa. After leaving the Peace Corps, he worked in several capacities with various AIDS/HIV organizations. He has spent many years working with staff and governments in developing countries to reduce HIV transmission in at-risk populations.

Dr. Rick Marrs, class of 1970
  Dr. Rick Marrs, class of 1970
Hall of Fame Year: 2014

Dr. Rick Marrs, a 1970 graduate of FWHS, was named provost of Pepperdine University in Spring, 2014. Dr. Marrs is regarded as an exceptional scholar of the Old Testament and the literature of the ancient Near East, and in the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

 Dr. Paul Dayton, class of 1959   Dr. Paul Dayton, class of 1959
Hall of Fame Year: 2013

A 1959 graduate of FWHS, Dr. Paul Dayton went on to teach and perform research at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. He has written many papers and received numerous awards for his work with the environment.

Jessica Cox, class of 2001


Jessica Cox
, class of 2001
Year Inducted: 2013

Ms. Jessica Cox is a 2001 graduate of FWHS. Despite being born without arms, Ms. Cox has achieved 2 black belts in Taekwondo and is a licensed pilot. She owns a motivational speaking business and has traveled the world speaking and working with people who have lost limbs due to trauma or amputation. She has received many awards, including the 100 Most Influential Filipino Women in the United States award.

 Melissa Wallace, class of 1999  
Melissa Wallace
, class of 1999
Hall of Fame Year: 2012

After graduating from FWHS in 1999, Ms. Wallace attended Arizona State University, receiving an Aerospace Engineering degree. She works for NASA on the International Space station with teams from the US and Russia. Ms. Wallace volunteers her time mentoring teen girls and is active in educational outreach promoting NASA and space exploration.

 Dr. Britney Schmidt, class of 2000   Dr. Britney Schmidt, class of 2000
Hall of Fame Year: 2012

After graduating from FWHS in 2000, Dr. Britney Schmidt went on to earn a PhD in Geophysics and Space Physics. Dr. Schmidt has worked with NASA on space projects and discovered water on the moon of Jupiter. She has traveled the world promoting science and she volunteers her time talking to students and teachers promoting science and education at the local and national level.

 Benjamin Jimenez, class of 1976   Benjamin Jimenez, class of 1976
Hall of Fame Year: 2012

After graduating from FWHS in 1976, Mr. Benjamin Jimenez graduated from Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. He serves as a detective on the Tucson Police Department and is a guest speaker for several organizations, including the AZ Mystery Writers. Mr. Jimenez is active in several civic organizations.

 Gabriel Aragon, class of 1997   Gabriel Aragon, class of 1997
Hall of Fame Year: 2012

Mr. Gabriel Aragon was a 1997 graduate of FWHS. He then received a BA from the University of Arizona and a law degree from Arizona State University. Mr. Aragon practices law in Phoenix and also provides legal services through the Volunteer Lawyers Program.

 Jack Scott, class of 1964   Jack Scott, class of 1964
Hall of Fame Year: 2009

Mr. Jack Scott graduated from FWHS in 1964. After attending the University of Arizona, he joined the US Navy and served in Vietnam. As an electrician, Mr. Scott is involved in the electrical industry, having served on the board of several trade organizations. He is actively involved in providing apprenticeship training in the electrical field. Mr. Scott also volunteers for several community organizations.

 Dr. Jennifer (Snyder) Newell, class of 1996   Dr. Jennifer (Snyder) Newell, class of 1996
Hall of Fame Year: 2009

Dr. Jennifer (Snyder) Newell is a 1996 graduate of FWHS. After receiving advanced Psychology degrees, she went on to work with clients with developmental and behavioral disabilities. Dr. Newell is a trained crisis volunteer and has volunteered with several local organizations.

 Drew Ritter, class of 1970   Dr. Drew Ritter, class of 1970
Hall of Fame Year: 2008

After graduating from FWHS in 1970, Dr. Drew Ritter joined the AZ Air National Guard. He later graduated from medical school, specializing in orthopaedics. Dr. Ritter also served in the Army National Guard, serves during the summer as a camp physician for Kamp Kanakuk, and provides medical services to the needy.

 Bernie McKearney, class of 1984.   Bernie McKearney, class of 1984
Hall of Fame Year: 2008

Biographical information coming soon.
 Manuel Valenzuela, class of 1984.   Manuel Valenzuela, class of 1984
Hall of Fame Year: 2007 

After graduating as valedictorian from FWHS in 1984, Dr. Manuel Valenzuela attended NAU and UA, before receiving his Doctorate of Education in 2002. Dr. Valenzuela served in Flowing Wells as a teacher, coach, and principal before moving to Sahuarita, where he now serves as superintendent. He has received many awards for his leadership skills and was previously inducted into the FW Sports Hall of Fame.
 Charles Huckleberry, class of 1967.   Charles Huckleberry, class of 1962
Hall of Fame Year: 2007 

Mr. Charles Huckelberry graduated from FWHS in 1967 and went on to earn a BS in Mining Engineering and a MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona. He began a career with Pima County in 1974 as a field engineer and has worked his way up to his current position as County Administrator. Chuck participated in golf and football while in high school and in his work with Pima County has received numerous recognitions and awards.
 Celia Nelson, class of 1983   Celia Nelson, class of 1982
Hall of Fame Year: 2007 

A 1982 graduate of FWHS, Celia (Martinez) Galaz is now a teacher in the Flowing Wells School District. Celia is very involved in the school community as both teacher and mentor. She has planned many fund raising events to support student field trips and activities. Celia is a certified archery instructor. Ms. Galaz is also a community volunteer for several church and non-profit organizations.  
 Kevin Daily, class of 1983   Kevin Daily, class of 1983
Hall of Fame Year: 2007 

Mr. Kevin Daily graduated from FWHS in 1983. He then earned his Computer Science and Engineering degree from NAU and his MBA from the University of Arizona. After a NASA internship, Kevin continued to work in the engineering field. He was a founding member and past president of the Flowing Wells Neighborhood Coalition. Mr. Daily has served on the Flowing Wells School District Governing Board since 2000, and has served as Board president.

 Robert Pattengale, class of 1981  
Robert Pattengale
, class of 1981
Hall of Fame Year: 2006

Robert Pattengale graduated from FWHS in 1981 as a junior. He then served in the United States Marine Corps, where he was selected to serve as a Marine Security Guard and was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal. Robert attended Pima Community College and has completed hundreds of hours of automotive technical training. Mr. Pattengale is very active in his community as a member of several professional organizations.

 Alan Knitowski, class of 1987  

Alan Knitowski
, class of 1987
Hall of Fame Year: 2006

Alan Knitowski graduated from FWHS in 1987 as class valedictorian. He received a congressional nomination to the US Air Force Academy and an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point. Alan attended the University of Miami, earning a BS in Industrial Engineering and University of California at Berkley, where he earned his MBA. Since leaving the military, Alan has worked with public and private companies and is involved in several local and national charitable organizations.

Kevin English, class of 1981

Kevin English
, class of 1981
Hall of Fame Year: 2006

Kevin English graduated from FWHS in 1981. He earned an MS in Agriculture from the University of Arizona and currently is an agriculture teacher in Peoria, Arizona. Kevin is department head of CTE and was selected as the 2006 Teacher of the Year by the National Association of Career and Technical Education in December 2005. Mr. English is involved in his community as a member of several national career, political, and volunteer organizations.

Jaretta (Rice) Douglas, class of 1961  

Jeretta (Rice) Douglas
, class of 1961
Hall of Fame Year: 2006

A 1961 graduate of FWHS, Jeretta (Rice) Douglas built a career as an award-winning cosmetologist, including owning several salons. Jeretta took in many children over the years and continues to volunteer her time in Flowing Wells District schools. She also volunteers through several civic and religious organizations, often in a leadership role. Jeretta has served on the Flowing Wells School District Governing Board since 1989, and served several terms as president.

Lacee Collins, class of 1997  

Lacee Collins
, class of 1997
Hall of Fame Year: 2006

After graduating from FWHS in 1997 Lacee Collins attended Chapman University, played collegiate basketball, and graduated with honors. Lacee has since been a sports producer and photographer, coached college softball, and is currently a sports anchor for a Tucson TV station. Lacee is involved in several civic organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, and has been a volunteer coach.